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The Meizu 16s is expected to be released on April 23 along with two similar phones the Meizu 16s Plus and the Meizu 16T which is specifically made for gaming. However, according to reports, Meizu canceled the 16 Plus. We do not know if the same will happen to the Meizu 16T but new photos leaked online show the phone, but a prototype.

According to the leaks, the Meizu 16s features a dual-camera setup on its rear. The Meizu 16T, on the other hand, features three cameras on its rear. The phone has no ring flash design and will have to make do with a regular LED which is positioned directly below the cameras.

The phone has no fingerprint sensor on its rear so we believe it features an in-display fingerprint sensor. The phone looks like it is held together by two screws which is unusual for a device that seems to be covered in glass.

According to the photo displaying the front of the device, the Meizu 16T will feature thin bezels just like the Meizu 16s. Its display will not feature a notch as well. There aren’t many details we can make from the photo since its blurry.

No hardware detail we can make from the photo suggests that the phone is a gaming phone. The design of the phone is simple and pale compared to other game in phones on the market. However, software features of the phone or maybe even controllers that attach to the phone might change everything.

The Meizu 16T is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor. It should also feature an AMOLED display and run Android Pie too. It may also pack a bigger battery. Meizu has confirmed it has an event on April 23 which we expect the Meizu 16T to be announced.

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