FaceApp 1563392607107
FaceApp 1563392607107

Occasionally, some apps can be fun to use. Proof of this is the sought-after FaceApp, which has become popular among internet users and celebrities and has ended up making everyone go mad in recent days.

For those who do not know, FaceApp promises to show you how you’ll be when you get older. As proof of momentary success, this application has already surpassed WhatsApp and Facebook, becoming the most downloaded app today (#14 and currently at 100m download as of the time of writing this) in the App Store and the Play Store.

But how can the application create this effect? According to the creators, he uses a facial recognition system, mapping all areas of the human face. Check out how easy it is to use!

How to use?

First, download FaceApp for Android or IOS. After installing it, select the photo of your preference through your gallery or list in the app on your smartphone. Then go to the effects options at the bottom of the photo and swipe left, looking for the “Age” option.

Finally, just choose the option “Elderly” and wait a few seconds until the result is ready. If it suits you, just tap “Apply” and right after saving on your device by going up the down arrow in the upper corner of the screen. Check out more details in the images below:

See how easy it is? It is worth noting that FaceApp has a multitude of other filters and features. Given this, you can change the color of your hair, put a smile, or even a stylish glasses.

However, the downside is that some functions within the application only work in their paid version. So, to not leave watermarks in the photos and have full access to the app, you need to buy the paid version, which can cost from $ 6.49 to $ 129.90, depending on the plan you choose.

NOTE: FaceApp: a bit of clarity about the privacy of the popular app that ages

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