Lenovo Foldable Smartphone
Lenovo Foldable Smartphone

No one wants to be left behind, that’s why almost all the smartphone manufacturers want to build a foldable smartphone. It’s a good thing though because the more competition is high the more the needs of consumers is satisfied. Lenovo is slightly working on a foldable device and from the looks of things, they want to come up with something new and innovative that will blow our mind.

Lenovo Foldable Smartphone

They are not the first to work on a foldable device. Samsung and Huawei started off by first introducing the concept. The Huawei later come up with the Mate X, while Samsung comes up with Galaxy Fold. Now Lenovo wants to borrow a leaf by revealing the concept of the phone. Report reaching us suggests that the brand will announce the phone in the coming days. Below are the details and specifications of the Lenovo Foldable smartphone.

Lenovo Foldable Smartphone: What We Know So Far

When you take another look at the concept, you will notice the uniqueness of the phone.
Unlike Samsung and Huawei, Lenovo wants to do something different this time around.
The looks show something beautiful that is more compatible than the one we have seen.
Even the upcoming Xiaomi and Oppo foldable phones are not looking this way at all. The patent that came online shows that Lenovo Foldable smartphone will probably feature a clamshell design since it won’t go for the vertical book like.

This means the bottom part of the device will curl up when it is closed and reveals the secondary display. The patent also shows the images revealing the design of the phone.
This is not the first time Lenovo is coming up with a foldable device. Back in 2016, the brand also shows a prototype device that comes in that size. Hopefully this time around, the phone will be announced as expected.

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