Lenovo ThinkShied 780x405
Lenovo ThinkShied 780x405

Lenovo introduced ThinkShield, a new and innovative approach to end-to-end enterprise security.

In the last year alone, over 2.5 billion violations of personal and corporate data and information have been recorded. For this reason, Lenovo, at the forefront of information security, has developed ThinkShield, a revolutionary approach to protect devices from external attacks and infiltrations. 

According to the data acquired by CVEDetails.com, in the first half of 2018 Lenovo registered 99% less chance of encountering risks and vulnerabilities.

Device protection

  • Lenovo integrates greater security in its products with a secure BIOS and firmware development, such as ThinkPad Privacy Guard security screens and the first built-in webcam shutters.
  • Lenovo has exclusive control over its global supply chain, with strict standards and safety practices for its manufacturing facilities.
  • Lenovo’s strategic partnership with Intel® enabled it to align with Intel’s transparent supply chain and allows customers to identify the source of each component of the new system.
  • Lenovo oversees the safety of suppliers who create “intelligent” components, ensuring they comply with strict guidelines and the  Trusted Supplier program. 

Identity protection and user credentials

  • Lenovo is the first to offer FIDO® authentication certificates – and chip-based fingerprint identification technology – to give companies more secure methods of protecting employee identity.
  • Integration with Intel Authenticate, up to 7 authentication factors, offers maximum security and flexibility.
  • BIOS-based Smart USB protection allows enterprise IT to configure USB ports to respond only to designated keyboards and devices, keeping employees’ PCs safer.

User Protection

  • Lenovo WiFi Security, in collaboration with Coronet, detects threats and alerts users when they are about to connect to unsafe wireless networks
  • Buffer zone 3 technology  isolates online threats before it infects the entire system
  • Lenovo Endpoint Management provides an easy and secure way to unify the security of the cloud and endpoints across multiple devices.
  • At the end of their life cycle, Lenovo protects potentially sensitive data that resides in devices.
  • Lenovo offers “Keep Your Drive”, an optional additional service that ensures that sensitive information always remains in the hands of the customer

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