lenovo smart display 12 840x473
lenovo smart display 12 840x473

There are a few Smart Displays out there in the market but of special interest to us is the Lenovo Smart Display. There are a few winning options that make the device a matter of choice for tech-savvy individuals.

For one thing, Lenovo Smart Display is the first of its kind to hit the market, and while you may think that it is a bit pricey, a few things make it favorite over other similar Smart Display devices out there.


Think about the video support. It’s a win-win for this product, something that gives it an edge over Google Home. Don’t bother about the smartphone when you want to move around in an enclosure but you don’t want to take your music with you, but you still want to enjoy it.

Google Assistant on Lenovo Smart Display means you can do chores here and there without carrying your music, or movie with you. Just tell Google Assistant what to do, and you’re on.

Use Lenovo Smart Display as the best background sound giver whenever you need it. It won’t disappoint. The speakers are amazing, which means you won’t be losing faint streaks of instrumentals that are so often dear to the ears. However, above all count on it for the beats video support.

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Services and apps

Yet it’s not just the video support that’s marvelous; you get an array of apps and services that will blow your mind. One is the rich experience that comes with the audio-only assistant. Yes, give commands and wait for controls which help you fine-tune whatever you want. Some other Smart Displays stop short of these additional controls.

Minor details here and there make Lenovo Smart Display a king. Play the music, glance at the screen to quickly determine the title of the song, how much time has gone into playing it, and how many minutes or seconds remain for the song to end. It’s that good.

Take a step further by reading aloud recipes and get step-by-step visual directions with pictures of the dish you’re making. Set timers without having to ask how much time remains for a particular set of chores to end.

Price and Design

There are two different versions of Lenovo Smart Display in the market, but they come with the same processor which isn’t a bad thing at all since the memory and storage capacities are also the same.

Differences occur in screen size and rear panel color. The 10.1-inch version sells for $299. Detect a bamboo-textured rear panel with this one, while the eight-inch model sells for $199. It’s got a gray plastic rear panel.

Granted, the eight-inch model has a lower resolution of 1280×800 in high definition, while the Smart Display 10 is 1920×1200 full high definition capabilities.

Lenovo designed the Smart Display with larger pleasurable screen and stronger audio. You can enjoy super crisp and sharp sound, allowing for top-notch impressive performance in addition to music and video.

Make it stand in a portrait position, making the device attractive for homes with limited space in the kitchen or elsewhere it may be in constant use. Note that this is only applicable when making Google Duo service calls

Best Digital Picture Frame in 2018

In conclusion, suffice to say that Lenovo has offered the best digital picture frame anyone could afford to have in 2018. The display enables various gorgeous, sharp viewing angles with several photo gallery modes.

For many users who make use of Lenovo Smart Display when cooking, it has been the ‘ultimate kitchen TV’ if there’s ever anything like that.

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