Lenovo Watch 9 Gizmochina
Lenovo Watch 9 Gizmochina

Lenovo has already launched a hybrid smartwatch. It was released on the March. Trust to get all the smart data you need from a reliable smartwatch. Lenovo Watch 9 comes in a simple packaging. On the top, the box has a brand logo, and the product name is printed on the center part.

Open the box and you see the smartwatch itself and the user manual laid on top. It is packaged tightly to avoid shaking when being shipped, which often prevents damaging.

On the back side of the manual, you can find a QR code which helps the Lenovo Watch 9 to pair with a corresponding smartphone. Use the code to find a corresponding app and you can install it in order to enable its smart functions.


The Lenovo Watch 9 is a top branded product which has two plastic films on the dial and also on its back. Once you tear off the protective films you can see and touch its beautiful dial made of simple sapphire mirror glass. The Lenovo Watch 9 has good light transmission and the hardness reaches up to 9H, which serves to emphasize Lenovo Watch 9 ability to last longer than expected. The side thickness of the smartwatch is 11.2mm.

The overall thickness of Lenovo Watch 9 is a little more than that of regular mechanical watches. The battery is probably larger than that of other mechanical watches.

The diameter of the dial is 40mm, the chassis is made of stainless steel as anyone would expect and it’s painted in black color. Also, the smartwatch has a small dot which appears on the watch’s scale. That’s the LED indicator light. It blinks indicate Bluetooth connection abilities. The side button is only a regular function button, nothing much to it.

Lenovo Watch 9 is made of silicon material, which is skin-friendly but one marked setback is that it could be easy to discolor as time goes by. The inner side of the silicone strap is fine bump particles, which has depressed dot decoration, and which also plays a non-slip effect. The silicone straps are soft and you will find it comfortable to wear. Adjust the straps to fit according to the size of your hand.

Anytime you want, you can replace the battery when you think that it is no longer working optimally. The Chinese company has not even neglected the aspect of battery life, often Achilles’ heel for smartwatches. During the presentation, we talked about a battery life of 12 months (yes, you got it right) with a single charge. Moreover, having an analog dial available, the consumption caused by the screen is practically absent.


Once you install the corresponding app on Lenovo Watch 9, you have to fill in your details. These details include things such as your nickname, gender, birthday, height, weight, and other details.

Once fully installed, you will see that the app’s main interface is divided into four parts. You can see the remote camera, the alarm, the connection status, the heart rate, and the sleep monitoring options. The remote camera has a software bug and the camera image is always blurred.

How the Heart Rate and the Reminder Works

You can use the heart rate on Lenovo Watch 9 to estimate when the heart beats. At that time, the blood flowing through the wrist will increase. The light source that absorbs will also increase. However, during the heartbeat interval, these will reduce.

You can also make use of the reminder which can be set on Lenovo Watch 9. You can have prompts for incoming calls and SMS and these settings can be modified according to what is suitable for you. To enjoy the watch’s performance more, you can make use of Do-Not-Disturb mode.

Set your smartwatch to give you feedback in the form of vibration, make use of all the interesting things your app allows you to do on Lenovo Watch 9; get a new lease on making things easier.

Lenovo Watch 9 Full Specifications

Display1.5-inch Analog Dial
BodySteel and Silicon Rubber
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Weight55 Grams
Battery CapacityReplaceable CR2032
Battery Life1 Year
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
IP RatingIP67, 5ATM

Price and Availability

The Lenovo Watch 9 is selling for just $25 but in some online stores, the price may be higher, especially where you get this free shipping to feel into it. But that price is okay for a watch that has a battery which lasts a whole year and is made to work with your smartphone seamlessly.

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