In a rather “lazy” year, in which most of the Android producers have chosen the way of the notch to maximize the available screen areaLenovo diverges from the flock and does so with style.

Lenovo Z5, expected for next week, follows the path traced by the first Mi MIX, ie edges zeroed laterally and above, and the front camera is moved down. It will not be very practical, but at the bottom, it is enough to rotate the phone 180 ° and the problem is solved. And then let’s face it all: the notch is such a peculiar element, that make smartphones look all the same. This Z5 instead is at least original, and even more beautiful to behold.

This is a summary judgment based on renderings that you see below; things could change in real life, assuming then that they are reliable renderings. In any case, the launch is expected for Tuesday, June 5, so we’ll find out soon, although we will hardly see this smartphone in Italy. What do you think: better with or without notch?

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