Lenovo Z6 Pro 5cac86059af92
Lenovo Z6 Pro 5cac86059af92

Lenovo (Lenovo), another prominent Chinese smartphone company, launches its Smartphone every time with a bang, but this company launches its Smartphone in India (India) a couple of years ago. But for the past, Lenovo launches its premium segment of smartphones in China only. For two to three months, all the smartphones are focusing more on the camera. The camera is the most used on all smartphones.

The biggest feature of this device can be called its camera setup. In which you will get 100MP image output. The Lenovo Group’s Vice President Chang Cheng has posted an image of the Lenovo Z6 Pro with which 100MP or billion pixels have been written, then it can be said that this device can start a new trend. Because of that, you can capture good photos from the phone itself.

Additionally, this device can also support Hyper Videography capability, as with the Nokia 9 Pure View 5 camera sensor, with the OPPO and Huawei 5x / 10x zoom support offering the device Lenovo also has 100MP new Ready to start the trend.

It was expected that Lenovo will announce its phone last month. But the company simply released this teaser instead that the phone will produce 100MP pictures. The phone is expected to be available for sale from June. But it is awaiting the official announcement by the end of this month. Due to this, the company’s call is fully requested to grow.

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