The sliding door has a screen that occupies 100% of the front

Recently, Lenovo vice president Chang Cheng launched a teaser for the camera specifications of the Lenovo Z5 Pro with AI-related features.

Once again, Mr. Cheng Cheng is, here again, this time with the camera. The camera will be set up dual camera clusters on the back including a 24MP main lens and 16MP secondary lens, which supports AI. This below image carries a Chinese message, but is translated as “The era of flagship.”

Teaser on the ability to shoot “high” of the machine is coming out

It’s probably a reflection of the unique design and outstanding camera clusters on the Z5 Pro when compared to other Lenovo flagship. And it will have one of the most advanced camera phones in the Lenovo lineup.

According to Chang Cheng’s Weibo division, the camera will have AI Super Night and AI Video. If this is a photo taken from a Lenovo Z5 Pro, then the image is clearly highlighted in low light conditions.

But do not forget that Lenovo was a blast to the Lenovo Z5, launching the bomb on the machine. So it would not be too surprising if this was not a real snapshot from the device. Lenovo is expected to launch the device on November 1. This will be almost 100% full screen, slider-like Mi MIX 3 and has 4 cameras including 2 on the back and 2 on the front.


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