LG announces 4 phones that will be upgraded to Android Pie until June 2019

In recent years, names like Sony or Nokia have become synonymous with quick updates to the latest Android version. Neither Motorola was bad, and Huawei had launched a beta testing and feedback program that accelerated updates. LG is not even the fastest company in this respect but it is taking steps towards this direction.

Until now, LG has only upgraded LG G7 One and LG G7 ThinQ phones. Now we find out that the South Korean giant will launch the latest version of Android (Android Q is only in beta) on 4 popular devices. It's about LG V30LG V30S ThinQ, and LG V35 ThinQ, but also LG V40 ThinQ. We do not have the exact launch dates, nor the territories where the updates will get the first time.

This program was announced only for South Korea for the time being, so Europeans could expect it beyond June. LG has released the official Android Pie kernel for the LG V35 ThinQ on the LG Open Source website. Sources say testing for the LG V35 with Android Pie would have ended soon. Unfortunately, the LG V-series models have not officially reached Romania so far, but we hope that this approach will change this year.

That's especially because I heard good things about the cameras of those models, and the designs do not look bad at all.

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