lg g7 thinq Droid guy
lg g7 thinq Droid guy

LG has made another attempt at breaking records. The company is about to release a smartphone that many thinks will give Samsung Galaxy S9+ a stiff competition. It is expected that the LG G7 comes away as a runaway flagship success in the UK.

One major winning factor for LG G7 ThinQ is that it possesses a great screen interface that helps the user to make easy use of it with one hand. A major downside to it is that the screen is not OLED. However, the latest features touted by LG for G7 ThinQ are very hard to ignore.

Design Specification

Surprisingly, LG G7 ThinQ takes a major design similarity to iPhone X, and this shows that the smartphone is truly a modern design, one that actually got conceived in 2018. It comes with a dual camera flipped vertically at the rear, while it has a notch on the front.

But it breaks with iPhone X. A large angle below the 6.1-inch screen serves well to show that. Probably, the manufacturer took a design imitation from Apple. However, it appears it’s not done with the utmost skill. The 6.1 inches screen has a resolution of 3120 x1440.

The G7 ThinQ is made with an aluminum frame that can be found at the front and back, making the phone appear premium, especially in the as the phone portrays a great New Moroccan Blue color which looks especially gorgeous when light bounces off against it.

Another power-packed aspect of G7 ThinQ is that it arrives with an upper-level Snapdragon 845, suggesting that it’s above mid-range. This Snapdragon power is the same as seen in Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones. This suggests that some features will live longer than that of LG G6 features which look very dated in a few months of its release in 2017.

But a drawback is that when you decide that you want to watch videos in full screen, there are dark sides on the screen. The absent OLED means that videos can’t stretch entirely over the screen; colors don’t come in the same great manner as that of Apple or Samsung.

The screen could get a scratch easily making it appear somewhat fragile though they both the front and back feature Gorilla Glass 5. Users may want to quickly place a screen protector and also wear it with a case to ensure it remains durable over a long period.

Camera Setup and Other Unique Features

LG G7 ThinQ comes in 16-megapixel cameras on its rear side. One is a f/1.6 aperture while the other is a f/1.9 wide angle lens. However, shots on the wide-angle lens could come blurry especially in poor lighting condition.

Don’t bother about the main sensor. It takes great quality photos overall with a little downside to that during the nights because details are easily lost.


LG has picked a unique aspect ratio of 19.5.9, somewhat reminiscent to the one of iPhone X. This is what allows the panel to be huge enough for anyone to make use of the phone with one hand. The smartphone is also tall and thin when compared to its mates. Think of that as a genius display.

Play the latest games without a hitch. Open a number of applications and forget the scare that your smartphone will hang in the middle of chores. That’s the power of Snapdragon 845.

The battery life is not that impressive, it comes in 3000 mAh, G7 ThinQ supports the quick charge and wireless charging and the user can increase the storage to 2TB, although the smartphone features only 64GB internal storage.

Both the fingerprint sensor and the facial recognition technology work perfectly. The facial recognition system is fast enough for anyone to use continually.


At a price of £629.95, the LG G7 ThinQ is not a shame. It isn’t the best phone in 2018 but it shows that LG can drop something exceedingly marvelous in the near future if they continue in this latest trend found in G7 ThinQ.

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