LG G8 Coming March 2019 With 3D Cameras, No 5G Network

LG can be working on another separate phone for 5G in 2019 but it is not going to be the LG G8 that a few people have been saying will embrace not just 3D cameras, but also 5G network.

This said, it appears that fans who are thinking that they will get everything good in a smartphone etched on the LG G8 will be utterly disappointed this time. For LG, jumping into the 5G bandwagon is a no no for the early parts of 2019.

The disappointment will not last long however, as the company is planning to make it good at a later during the year 2019 to release a flagship that will have 5G speed. Some good news, you may say, just not early enough.

As 2018 comes to an end, we wonder what other phones LG will release. Probably one, probably two. Surely, these ones too will service 4G needs not 5G internet. An information purported to be from LG claim that the company is committed to pre-empting the 5G rollout thing.

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Who knows? LG could be thinking that releasing a phone like this that lacks 5G in 2019 is still a good thing if it can enhance it with top-end features. Of course, the 5G itself will make the phones coming with it more expensive and LG could look for ways of strategizing and managing the situation better.

Pictures in this post are of LG G7

So will the G8 be competitive amidst its peers? It is too early to say. However, there could still be many ways a 4G smartphone can compete favorably with a 5G phone.

For the sake of anyone who cares, the new LG G8 is sure to pack a teardrop small notch at the top in order to allow for the front-facing camera; a camera that will have 3D capacities. Since Sony is planning on use 3D capabilities in its 2019 smartphones, LG could also be jumping in early to enable it to compete favorably. The company also needs to improve quality and scene recognition of its devices cameras.

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In 2019, LG is expected to launch phones that will make use of Qualcomm Snapdragon, and high RAM phones such as 4G of RAM and 32GB internal storage.

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