LG G8. Smartphone can come without the traditional headset

It is true that the mobile department of South Korean LG is not one of the most profitable. Still, it appears that the company will launch a new high-end smartphone in 2019. This could become known as LG G8 ThinQ.

More and more information regarding this smartphone begins to appear. The questions that lie around this LG G8 are still quite enough, but surely as the days are moving forward more we will know.

This time we have a new rumor that shows us the intention of South Korean to eliminate the notch of their equipment. So, according to @OneLeaks, the new LG G8 will give up its handset for calls to embrace new technology.

LG G8: Smartphone can count on technology already seen in the market

By assigning the credits to their sources, the person responsible for this page tells us that LG can opt for a new approach. Indeed, based on Sound on Display technology, the LG G8 can dispense with this small component.

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To confirm this claim, South Korea’s new top smartphone will make use of technology similar to the one we saw in the first Xiaomi Mi Mix. That is, making use of piezoelectric material, will be the own screen to reproduce the sound.

In a simple way, this means that the sound will be propagated by the screen of the smartphone through vibrations. In this way, any extra components for this function are dispensable. One more point in favor of the dismissal of the controversial notch.

However, if the Xiaomi Mi Mix serves as an example, we see that this approach is no longer satisfactory. One of the main points of discord of this irreverent smartphone was precisely the quality of the sound reproduced. The scenario that led the Chinese company to change its approach and re-incorporate a physical handset in its Mix line.

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In any case, it is too early to judge this possible approach on the part of South Korean LG. In the first place, it is not yet certain that the company opts for this solution. Moreover, we can not form judgments about the quality of sound that can be reproduced using this technology.

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