lg homebrew
lg homebrew

For the CES in January, LG announced something very special, at the fair in the US will be presented with HomeBrew;  a machine for self-brewing for beer. The first details of this smart gadget are revealed in advance, I am already on fire. Already in the run-up to the fair, this very special capsule machine won the Innovation Award 2019. Can I understand, at least if in the end the price and the products really fit?

This unique system revolutionizes brewing and makes it extremely easy to make home-brewed beer. With a set of disposable capsules containing malt, yeast and aroma hop oil, users can easily start the brewing process at the touch of a button. The LG HomeBrew then automates the entire process from fermentation, carbonation and maturation to cleaning the plant. With a free tax app (for Android and iOS devices), users can control the status of the home brew anytime, anywhere.

LG hangs pretty far out the window, speaks of high-quality beer of different sorts. So far I can not imagine that LG can deliver a really good beer by capsule machine. But I like to be surprised and look forward to a test device. Keep your fingers crossed.

The LG HomeBrew offers everyone an easy way to produce their own high quality beer. An optimized fermentation algorithm intelligently controls the fermentation process with precise temperature and pressure control for guaranteed brewing success. The sophisticated capsule system also frees the user from the annoying cleaning work that is usually required when brewing at home. It is disinfected automatically with hot water – this ensures that everything is hygienically clean for the next application.

Several varieties possible

Designed for the discerning beer lover, LG’s HomeBrew allows for the home-grown production of a variety of popular beers, with great results every time. There are five popular beers to choose from: hoppy American IPA (Indian Pale Ale), golden American Pale Ale, full-bodied English stout, refreshing Belgian-style beer and hearty Czech-style pils. Depending on the type of beer, the LG HomeBrew can produce up to five liters of premium beer in about two weeks.

The hitherto bad news: About a possible date of a market launch of LG HomeBrew in Germany has not been decided.

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