LG may launch smartphone with a screen that stretches

LG has already stated not to rush to launch a foldable smartphone. In contrast, the South Korean could launch to the market equipment with a screen that could be stretched.

This has been revealed thanks to the new patent submitted by LG. In it, we can see a smartphone that appears to be a common device of its kind. However, things start to get interesting when we look more closely at the concept presented.

In fact, what LG intends is to develop a smartphone that fits our needs in a way that no other does until now. Imagine that, for whatever reason, a certain task would be far more productive with a few inches more screen.

LG patents a smartphone with a screen that fits our needs

In that sense, thanks to the combination of some specific components, it would be possible to stretch the screen of your smartphone. Of course, when this extra dimension is no longer needed, the screen may return to its default size.

All this would be possible with the implementation of an adjustable mechanism on the back of the smartphone. In addition, an elastic screen would be implemented in order to enable this peculiar functionality.

As you might expect, this kind of functionality requires software designed specifically for this concept. In other words, just like in foldable smartphones, the interface of this device would also have to adapt automatically to the various possible dimensions of the screen.

For now, all this is a patent filed by LG. Therefore, there is no guarantee that South Korean will effectively apply this concept to a marketable smartphone.

But in case this scenario materializes, the most likely will be that its marketing will be done in the context of line V. After all, this seems to be the most irreverent line of South Korean and more prone to this type of experiences.


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