LG patented a mysterious transparent folding smartphone!


LG has just received confirmation regarding the registration of US patent 10,254,863. Patent this, which should bring a new design to the world of folding smartphones.

This is because, after all, it is based on the creation of a device with a large part of its body... Totally transparent!

A curious fact of this patent is the request to have been requested already in 2015

Certainly, this proves that smartphone companies have been betting on this type of technology for many years.

So, this patent is LG's idea to create an innovative smartphone. Which will not only be foldable. As well, it will have a transparent part of the screen.

In fact, you can even choose the type of transparency you want. So the only part that will be totally opaque is the area where all the hardware will be found. Like, the battery, the motherboard, among other components.

Interestingly, LG later this year claimed to be too early to bet on collapsible equipment. Thus, in contrast, the company created a second screen as an accessory, the future LG V50.

For you to know, the strategy of the LG giant, "formerly" was to launch innovations firsthand. However, they are currently standing behind them, waiting for what rival companies are going to offer on each new release... To later build their own solution, optimized, and perhaps cheaper.

In short, LG's transparent foldable smartphone will not be soon.

After all, the two giants that have the most impact on the world of foldable smartphones, are Huawei and Samsung. With both their offerings, Samsung Galaxy Fold, and Huawei Mate Fold to be launched with exaggeratedly high prices.

Samsung wants to sell millions of folding smartphones by 2020!

Read more about Galaxy Fold here. And about Mate Fold here.

Obviously, LG has the technology to create a screen like this for a smartphone. After all, it has shown transparent screens and even rollable some time ago.

Still, despite having the necessary technology at its disposal, LG chose to wait again.

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