LG Q6 Series 840x472
LG Q6 Series 840x472

In this post, we reviewed and talked about the specifications of the LG Q6 device. The device was one that was applauded for the kind of display it featured. Many people have rated its display to be par with the LG G6, only that the latter comes with a higher price. LG Q6 and it’s series – LG Q6a and Q6 Plus – have a reputation for having an affordable price. This has shaken ground as much as the LG G6 has.

Nothing much changed from the LG Q6 and its series. Design, display, processor, camera, battery are all the same. Network, connectivity, operating system, and measurements are same too. The only feature that changed if the internal storage and RAM.

LG Q6 device specifications and price


While the LG Q6 device comes with a 32 GB internal storage, the other members of the series do not share that. The LG Q6a comes with a 16 GB space, and LG Q6 Plus comes with a 64 GB space. This is for your storage of music, videos, files and many other documents. If the internal memory were to be the superiority judge, then the LG Q6 Plus is superior to the LG Q6. And the LG Q6 is superior to the LG G6a.


On its RAM, for the LG Q6, a 3 GB RAM takes care of the smooth running of apps. While the LG Q6 Plus has a 4 GB RAM and the LG Q6a has a 2 GB RAM. This feature also tells us the same thing as the internal storage.

The LG Q6 and its other variants have received a quite warming welcome to the smartphone industry. We are also particularly happy at what LG has done to the display. It just feels like getting something the worth of the LG G6 at a lesser price. This is if you hold device screen in a very high esteem.

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