A few weeks ago it was confirmed that LG is working on his first folding phone. The Korean company joins other brands such as Samsung or Huawei, which will launch their next year. It seemed that Samsung would be the first to present his, but little by little this begins to be questioned. Since your competitors are advancing a lot.

LG will present its folding phone at CES 2019

It is the case of LG, which seems to have a presentation date chosen for your folding smartphone. It would take place at the beginning of the year in an important technological event.

LG will be at CES 2019

It will be at CES 2019 that will be held in Las Vegas in January when we will visit this new phone of the Korean firm. Undoubtedly, a key moment, since this device could arrive like this before Samsung’s folding phone, which was rumored to be presented at MWC 2019. So the company’s bet is quite serious.

It is not something that has been confirmed since LG, but it has been the filter Evan Blass who has revealed this information. Considering that it is one of the most reliable sources, we can take this information as something serious.

But we will have to wait for some confirmation from the company itself. But everything indicates that we can know this new device of the firm officially at CES 2019 this coming January. What do you think about its possible presentation?


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