lg g4 microsite leak8
lg g4 microsite leak8

The LG G4 is a leather-clad Android Smartphone whose photos were revealed to the whole public when a famous Blogger by name “Evan Nelson Blass”, once known solely by his pen name @evleaks, is an American blogger, editor, and former phone leaker. @Evleaks posted a link to the official product microsite of LG Korea. This seems to to be the second device photo leak by @Evleaks this year. Though, the smartphone was supposed to be revealed officially for the first time on April 28 and soon the wait will be over.  🙂

The site was later shut down soon after the photos has been leaked and it specs were publish everywhere on the internet. Among the photos leaked are samples of the LG G4 which is covered with a hand-stitched leather back.

The LG G4’s camera has been revealed and so has its OS. There had been some incorrect fact about some of its specs especially the rumored KitKat OS and a 13 MP camera. But much of the rest are in line with the current rumors.

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The leak also made us to be sure of some of its specs, like the its 5.5 inches (~74.3% screen-to-body ratio) True HD-IPS + LCD to deliver brilliant, crisp images rich and authentic in color, Android OS, v5.1 (Lollipop), 4G network capability, removable 3,000mAh battery, included SD card slot, a “color spectrum sensor,” and its Hexa-core processor.

The LG G4 comes in varieties of colors to choose from.

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Among some of the photos were:

LG-G4-2 LG-G4-3

lg-g4-leak-lulz-2 lg-g4-leak-lulz-3

lg-g4-leak-lulz-7 lg-g4-leak-lulz-13 lg-g4-leak-lulz-14 lg-g4-leak-lulz-23 lg-g4-microsite-leak6 lg-g4-microsite-leak7

lg-g4-microsite-leak8_002 lg-g4-microsite-leak9_002 lg-g4-microsite-leak10 lg-g4-microsite-leak14 lg-g4-microsite-leak15 lg-g4-microsite-leak15_002 lg-g4-microsite-leak20 lg-g4-microsite-leak24

OMG!!! what a great appearance. Well, let’s talk about this in the comments.

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