When it comes to browsing the internet or downloading, 4G LTE is preferred by most. This is because 4G LTE is currently the fastest way to browse. With this said, one might need to know about cheap 4G data plans to use.

Almost all the phone being created these days have the 4G capability. Phones like the Camon CM, Camon X, and Infinix Hot S3 just to name a few. Although most of these phones do not support all the 4G bands, there is out there. So I’ll advise you know the 4G Bands of any device before purchasing it. We’ve also written an article on how to check 4G band of any Smartphone.

Cheap 4G data plans

There are a lot of cheap 4G data plans in Nigeria, and we will be listing them all below.

List Of Cheap 4G Data Plans In Nigeria

First off, you will need a 4G enabled sim card. You can visit their respective offices to get one or replace your 3G Sim with a 4G enabled one.

NTEL 4G Plans

Ntel has a lot of amazing data plans, most of which are unlimited with fair usage data policy in place. Their plan starts at N1,000 and goes all the way up to N75,000. Depending on the package you want.

Ntel Unlimited (Daily)

Price: N1500
Validity: 2Days
Data Cap: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Yes

Ntel Unlimited (Weekly)

Price: N3750
Validity: 7 Days
Data Cap: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Yes

Ntel Unlimited (Monthly)

Price: 17500
Validity: 30 days
Data Cap: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Yes

I consider all these to be cheap because no other network in Nigeria comes close to these in terms of affordability. No other network gives unlimited this cheap. Now Everyone can have a taste of unlimited data, irrespective the amount you want to Subscribe with.

You can Subscribe by going the Ntel Top Up Page or QuickTeller Website.

Glo 4G Plans

Glo 4G plans are also the next best when it comes to cheap an affordable data plans. You also get to use your cheap 4G data plans on any 3G enabled device and vice versa.

All you have to do is dial *777# and Select the Buy 3G-4G Data. Choose Monthly and Select your preferred data plan.

Price: N1000
Validity: 30 Days
Data Cap: 2GB

Price: N2000
Validity: 30 days
Data Cap: 4.5GB

Price: N2500
Validity: 30days
Data Cap: 7.2GB

There are also other 4G Glo plans that you can also Subscribe to. Just make sure you select the 4G plans while subscribing.

MTN Cheap 4G Data Plans

Make you have a 4G enabled sim and Dial *444# to see the following 4G Plans and Choose anyone you like.

Price: N1000
Validity: 30 days
Data Cap: 200MB

Price: N6000
Validity: 30 days
Data Cap: 10GB

Price: N10000
Validity: 30 days
Data Cap: 15GB

Price: N37000
Validity: 30 days
Data Cap: Unlimited

Airtel, MTN and 9Mobile 3G plans also work for with 4G when enabled in the device network settings. So all you have to do is just upgrade your existing SIM or get a new 4G enabled sim and Subscribe to the normal data plans.

Smile, Spectranet, and Swift also have their respective 4G Plans which you can go for, but they are somewhat expensive. Plus you will have to buy their respective Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi Devices and not just the Sim card.


Ntel seems to be the best to me, followed by Glo, which are currently the two I use. Although these two do not have their 4G coverage everywhere in Nigeria, just some few places. Make sure you check if where you stay is within their 4G LTE coverage. If not, then it would be best to go for another network provider.

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