We are going to be listing out Postal Codes Of all States in Nigeria. But First, we will have to understand what we mean by Postal/Zip Codes.

Postal codes

What is a Postal Code?

A postal code, Also known as Zip code according to Wikipedia “is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail”. In a nutshell, This means that postal codes are simply used to effectively sort out emails to people.

The US uses ZIP codes which stands for Zone Improvement Plan whereas here in Nigeria, we make use of postal codes. The two might have a different name but are actually for somewhat the same purpose. Postal codes in Nigeria are numeric and has six digits which NIPOST, the Nigerian Postal service uses to categories regions in Nigeria which makes up the first digit of the code.

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In addition to the first digit, the second and third digits put together with the first, are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. While The last three digits stand for the delivery location. A delivery location can be a post office facility, a rural area, or an urban area.

All of the main or head postal offices in each region has a postal code ending in 0001. Just like the ones in this list which are head offices of the Nigerian Postal service in Nigeria.

You might decide to write it down or bookmark this particular page just in case you were asked to input your zip/postal while registering or buying something on a website. Websites like Amazon, Aliexpress or Gearbest would request for your country’s postal code while registering so this might really come in handy.

List of Postal Codes of All States In Nigeria

● Abuja – 900001
● Abia – 440001
● Adamawa – 640001
● Akwa-Ibom – 520001
● Anambra – 420001
● Bauchi – 740001
● Borno – 600001
● Delta – 320001
● Ebonyi – 840001
● Edo – 300001
● Enugu – 400001
● Imo – 460001
● Jigawa – 720001
● Kano – 700001
● Kaduna – 800001
● Katsina – 820001
● Kebbi – 860001
● Kogi – 260001
● Kwara – 240001
● Lagos (Island) – 101001
● Lagos (Mainland) – 100001
● Niger – 920001
● Ogun – 110001
● Ondo – 340001
● Osun – 230001
● Oyo – 200001
● Plateau – 930001
● Rivers – 500001
● Sokoto – 840001
● Taraba – 660001
● Yobe – 320001

The postal codes above will get your goods you ordered online or something else that might be coming from afar to the head office of NIPOST in that state or area. You can then go to the NIPOST office and pick up the item.


If you are an online person and particularly do a lot of shopping online, mostly from international companies like Amazon, eBay, Gearbest, Craigslist, and Aliexpress. Then you would understand the need for having this postal codes handy. Just in case you travel to a new state for a while and still want to receive the products you ordered for online.

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You can simply change your postal code to that of your new location on your profile on that particular website to effect the change in location. So I’ll advise you bookmark this page now or copy the Postal codes of the states you might be thinking of visiting anytime soon, just in case.

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