2017 List Of All Tecno Phones MTK Firmware & Stock ROMs [UPDATED]

Here is a complete list of all Tecno phones MTK firmware and stock ROMs with direct download links. Please, feel free to contribute your links.


We have also provided an exclusive tutorial on how to install these ROMs on any Tecno phone. SEE: How To Flash or Unbrick All Android Phones and Tablets

sp-flash-toolThe files below are zipped, so you need to extract any of them using 7zip or winrar on your PC

Tecno Stock backups Download Links

>>Tecno N8 Stock Rom<< N8-H356-C1-M-HiOS-TZ-TIGO-LOCK-20160602  HERE

Tecno Phonepad 7E Stock Rom<< HERE

>>Tecno Camon C9 Stock Rom<< HERE

>>Tecno W3 Stock Rom<< HERE

>>Tecno 7CS Stock Rom<< HERE

>>Tecno 7C Stock Rom<< HERE

>>Tecno W4 Stock Rom<< HERE

>>Tecno Boom J8 Stock<< HERE

>>Tecno A7 Phantom Z<< HERE

>>Tecno B3<< HERE

>>Tecno R5<< HERE

>>Tecno C5<< HERE

>>Tecno C8 Variant 1<< HERE

>>Tecno C8 Variant 2<< HERE

>>Tecno L8<< HERE

>>Tecno D1 Variant 1<< HERE

>>Tecno D1 Variant 2<< HERE

>>Tecno D3<< HERE

>>Tecno D5 variant 1<< HERE

>>Tecno D5 variant 2<< HERE

>>Tecno D7<< HERE

>>Tecno D9<< HERE

>>Tecno F5<< HERE

>>Tecno F6<< HERE

>>Tecno F7 Phantom A 4.1<< Part 1: HERE

>>Tecno F7 Phantom A+ 4.2 Variant 1<< HERE

>>Tecno F7 Phantom A+ 4.2Variant 2<< HERE

>>Tecno F8 Phantom A2<< HERE

>>Tecno G9 Phantom pad II<< HERE

>>Tecno H3<< HERE

>>Tecno H5 Old OS<< HERE

>>Tecno H5 New OS<< HERE

>>Tecno H6<< HERE

>>Tecno H7<< HERE

>>Tecno H7 Plus<< HERE

>>Tecno H7S<< HERE

>>Tecno J5<< HERE

>>Tecno J7<< HERE

>>Tecno L3<< HERE

>>Tecno L6<< HERE

>>Tecno L7<< HERE

>>Tecno M3 4.2 Old OS<< HERE

>>Tecno M3 4.2 New OS<< HERE

>>Tecno M3 4.4<< HERE

>>Tecno M3S<< HERE

>>Tecno M5 4.2<< HERE

>>Tecno M6<< HERE

>>Tecno M6S<< HERE

>>Tecno M7<< HERE

>>Tecno M9<< HERE

>>Tecno N3<< HERE

>>Tecno N5S<< HERE

>>Tecno N7<< HERE

>>Tecno N9<< HERE

>>Tecno Phantom 5<< HERE

>>Tecno Phantom 5S<< HERE

>>Tecno P3<< HERE

>>Tecno P5 Old OS<< HERE

>>Tecno P5 New OS<< HERE

>>Tecno P5 Plus<< HERE

>>Tecno P6<< HERE

>>Tecno P9 4.2<< HERE

>>Tecno P9 4.4<< HERE

>>Tecno Q1 4.0<< HERE

>>Tecno R5<< HERE

>>Tecno R7<< HERE

>>Tecno S3<< HERE

>>Tecno S5<< HERE

>>Tecno S7<< HERE

>>Tecno S9<< HERE

>>Tecno S9S<< HERE

>>Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini<< HERE

>>Tecno Y3<< HERE

>>Tecno Y3S << HERE

>>Tecno Y4<< HERE

>>Tecno Y5<< HERE

>>Tecno Y5S<< HERE

>>Tecno Y6 variant 1<< HERE

>>Tecno Y6 variant 2<< HERE

>>Tecno 7C<< HERE

>>Tecno 7CS<< HERE

>>Tecno 7H<< HERE

>>Tecno 8H<< HERE

>>Tecno T347<< HERE

>>Tecno T483<< HERE

>>Tecno T535<< HERE

>>Tecno T545<< HERE

>>Tecno T560<< HERE

>>Tecno T630<< HERE

>>Tecno 630S<< HERE

>>Tecno T635<< HERE

>>Tecno T733<< HERE

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