UMi TOUCH battery
UMi TOUCH battery

UMi Touch is a smartphone recently launched under the brand name of Apollo. This is leader of modern world in the field of technology and they are featuring smartphones developed with state of the art technologies. They provide all the latest and up-to-date facilities in their smartphones one can think of.

UMi TOUCH battery

When a smartphone is used for multitasking, definitely the battery consumption increases. So it’s the biggest issue smartphone customers are facing nowadays. The battery timing is so restricted that it cannot even keep the smartphone alive during office timings of a day. And when the smartphone is equipped with the entire latest tech like UMi Touch, then one surely thinks that battery consumption will be as high that it will be performing its functions for just some hours.

When you will apply a 4000 mAH Lithium Polymer battery to your UMi Touch, you will be amazed to see the difference in the battery timing and performance of your smartphone. Most of the batteries even fail to keep your phone alive on just idle mode for a day, but 4000 mAH Lithium polymer battery allows you to utilize all the services offered in a smartphone to the fullest, even then, you will fail to make your smartphone dead due to insufficient battery at the end of the day.

So this battery is specially featured for those who give a really busy and tough schedule to their smartphones throughout a day. Moreover, you cannot charge your smartphones time and again when you are on a journey, so this 4000 mAH Lithium polymer battery is the best solution to this problem.

When you analyze this battery from safety point of view, it meets all the world class safety standards. Lithium polymer better doesn’t explode like Lithium-ion battery when it comes in contact with fire or an electric spark/shock. They are lighter and rigid as compared to Li-ion batteries.

So if you are looking forward to avail this piece of technological advancement, then you should apply for a 70$ coupon at because pre sale of UMi Touch Lithium polymer battery starts from February 18th. So hurry up and avail the chance to get a longer life to your cell phone.

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