Infecting yourself with a virus on Android is somewhat complicated if you do not download applications outside of Google Play. Even so, there are times when Google’s own application store has flaws, and malicious app developers use them to filter malware in millions of gadgets. Today we will talk about an Android virus that is really aggressive and can end up destroying our device. It is called Loapi and has thousands of infected gadgets in America. It is spreading to Europe little by little, and you can fall into the trap of downloading it from Google Play. Even so, the easiest way to install this virus is through applications outside of Google Play.

Loapi uses very flashy ads to fall into their networks. It is usually advertised as a very powerful antivirus that can kill all the malware on your phone, but it will really do the opposite. It is one of the most aggressive viruses we have ever seen and is capable of using dozens of functions to earn money or even threaten your health. According to Kaspersky Lab is not able to access your banking information, but do many other things.

Mine cryptocurrencies, send SMS and receive advertising massively

Loapi is one of the most complex, destructive and complicated viruses that we have faced. Touch almost every possible point to create problems in a device, being able to get dozens of premium SMS or use your mobile to mine cryptocurrencies. This last action hardly has repercussion with a mobile, but yes with millions of them. Loapi is very well designed, and if it can not attack a device, it uses another means to generate money for its creators.

It seems that it is out of Google Play, although its main hiding place lies in applications of antivirus and porn applications for Android. All of these are outside of Google Play, so you have to be very careful when downloading an APK from any repository. Even if the virus does not have access to your banking information, it can generate a big expense on your bill or cause the performance of your device to end up being terrible.

Loapi can burn your phone by increasing the speed of the processor

All mobiles have a driver to raise or lower the processor speed in some situations. There is always a maximum speed that by default cannot be exceeded, but when you have access to that controller, the thing changes. Loapi can use your mobile to mine cryptocurrencies, so the more speed the processor has, the higher the benefit.

This virus is able to access the processor driver and increase the speed to really dangerous barriers. There have already been cases of phones with batteries burned and deformed by the increase in processor speed, which leads to an increased temperature that our mobile phone cannot overcome.

The virus is doing a lot of damage in Latin America, but according to Kaspersky, it is spreading to Europe. We have already told you about the dangers of installing an external APK, the largest source of Loapi installations.


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