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Ewa Agoyin Online logo

Startups focused on delivering food in Nigeria have not been blossoming for a while now, which may be due to the price and delivery fees which are a bit on the high side. But again, has that stopped them from springing up? NO, they are too creative to be limited by that.

So if you know Ewa Agoyin (boiled beans with pepper sauce), and have a thing for it, please raise your hands. I am happy to tell you that you can now order this very delicious meal online with the recent launch of Ewa Agoyin Online.

Ewa Agoyin Online is a platform which serves the purpose of ordering ewa agoyin and other local or traditional delicacies like yam porridge, moi moi, beef, bread, garri, and gizdodo to satisfy your appetite.

Ewa Agoyin online website

According to them, there are indications that they would not be sticking to only Ewa Agoyin but would soon expand and start delivering some other food products to customers, which might translate them to be a Jack of all food trades. I think sticking to ONLY Ewa Agoyin might be the best, but then, who knows?

As they have just launched a little while back, their services are currently available in Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Marina and Lekki on the Island and you can order for as low as N600 with a delivery fee of N300.

Ewa Agoyin Online

A plus for them on this delivery part is that you don’t have to be online to order for Ewa Agoyin, as you can make your order through a call or text to the number provided on their website, after which you could pay on delivery (a story for another day).

My thoughts on Ewa Agoyin Online?

Well, I must say that this startup harbours an excellent idea given way and the high patronage and love people have for this delicacy. The fact that they serve in just some areas in Lagos seems to be limiting but is understandable because they have just launched into the market and resources might not be at their disposal the way they would have loved.

What I think they are doing is trying to target the corporate customers which is a good thing, but they could also put into consideration that the delicacy is somewhat popular amongst other average and middle-class citizens who don’t live or work in Victoria Island or Lekki or Marina in Lagos, so I think a little more expansion could do the trick.

The publicity the startup has received so far is quite encouraging, and they could be given a thumb up in that aspect. The thing is when the right time comes, they should try their best to raise funds from investors and focus on expansion.

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