Love on vacation
Love on vacation

Are you hoping to take advantage of the holidays to find your soul mate? To give you a hand, we have provided a list of perfect destinations for all the singles who are looking for love in their travels.

The perfect destinations to find love

Here is the list of perfect destinations to find the love on vacation proposed by the dating app Once:

  • Paris: always considered the city of love, the French town is also the most visited in the world and, among its characteristic streets, hides a large number of singles in search of their soul mate;
  • London: the city that never sleeps in Europe offers a large number of parks, museums, clubs and other meeting places, perfect for finding the ideal half of the apple;
  • Berlin: the highest number of single women in Europe is participating in its tireless movida, a detail that makes the city ideal for increasing its chances of winning;
  • Vienna: among the most romantic destinations in Europe, Vienna is also elegant, luxurious and with a great history behind it, able to make the hearts of all singles beat;
  • Rome: with its sunsets on the monuments and the excellent food, the capital is undoubtedly one of the best places in Italy for all those singles who, perhaps due to lack of knowledge of foreign languages, do not go on trips to the abroad in search of love.

  • Brussels: exchange sweet glances and, why not, take advantage of the endorphins released thanks to chocolate? The city of Belgium, home of chocolate, even offers a museum in his honor!
  • Lyon: declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Lyon is a dynamic metropolis, perfect for all those who love conviviality;
  • Amsterdam: its romantic alleys, which can also be explored through numerous events and tours, are the best scenario for all singles looking for luck in love;
  • Cologne: to deny the beliefs about the coldness of the Germans it is Cologne that, especially on the long Rhine, offers wonderful romantic views;
  • Zurich: the solitary hearts will be the sumptuous cafés of the streets of the center, combined with the poetic soul and pastel colors of the palaces overlooking the Limmat river.

How do you feel these recommended destinations to look for love in your travels?

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