LTE Connectivity Now Available On Apple Watch


Along with the disclosure of the next iPhone and new iOS 11, there is also news of the Apple Watch with LTE connectivity expected to be announced next week. This means that you don't have to tether your watch to your phone at all times.

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Due to the recent development of LTE connectivity on mobile devices, it was only a matter of time till smart watches had LTE connections. So the news of the wearable with in built LTE was no surprise. Also, the new LTE Watch will share the same phone number with your existing iPhone.

What this means is that you can receive calls on the same SIM on your iPhone using your LTE watch. In other words, you can receive calls on both devices. Besides this may lead to less expensive cellular plans than traditional data-only devices like other smart watches. This is because traditional users assign a SIMs to devices even if they are used for data only, so this is a new arrangement for users.

According to a leaked setup screen from 9to5Mac, it suggests that the new LTE watch will have a red crown, to differentiate it from the older versions. After of the launch of the pioneer Apple watch, Tim Cook was sighted in an Apple Store having a version with a red crown, although this does not mean he was trying out a version of the LTE watch then, or the red dot had another meaning at the time

Also included in the features of the watch is the Control Center menu, it is a toggle for turning data on and off. Cellular plan setup will be automatically with the iPhone it is configured with. The watch will be in sync with the cellular configuration as part of the user's settings. The iPhone plan will be automatically detected once paired and verified if it has been registered with another device.

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Looking at the design of the new wearable device, it is not very different from the existing Apple watches and making it possible for users to use the device with their former smart watch band if they decide to upgrade.

References have also been made to a pre-installed vendor plan meaning the Watch will seemingly be usable if purchased from a vendor directly. It will be already setup to connect to the same vendor from where it was bought.

It isn’t clear whether this means Apple Watches will be locked, like phones are, or if it is just a default setup which can later be changed by the users. The LTE Apple Watch will also automatically adjust its radios just like smart phones to utilize the available network band for a specific user.

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Although the LTE data connectivity might be the biggest feature in the device, it is likely not the only Apple Watch 3 highlight to be expected. And while the design of the Apple Watch 3 appears identical to the previous version of the watches, the new Apple Watch could be slightly thinner or thicker to accommodate more features and more battery life to support its constant LTE connection.

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