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Today we are going to introduce you to a new product, and we are talking about a new SmartWatch, although there are many in the market, whether they have great functions or excellent performance, this is by far the most innovative. This new watch is named LunaR, which combines smart functionality with timeless aesthetics and innovative solar technology. Designed for travellers, outdoor enthusiasts and watch enthusiasts, the LunaR is a modern, autonomous and functional wearable that will keep you connected, informed and on time without having to run out and change the battery.

Our days revolve around the sun, but we do not always stop when it is hidden. Like us, the LunaR works in both natural and artificial light. With a daily exposure of just 1 hour of any light, the LunaR solar panel can get enough power to provide an infinite battery life. You can check the current levels of light collection of your watch through an application that is available for your mobile device.

An apparent breakthrough in solar technology

The exclusive LunaR transparent solar panel was promoted by Sunpartner, a leading solar technology company in France. This innovative technology harvests power from a variety of light sources while providing clear visibility through the panel. The LunaR was designed to perform trips, outdoor activities, and daily experiences without having the typical drawback of a low battery device.

The LunaR keeps you on time wherever you are. With its world clock function, it efficiently reports the time with your current and local location. This means that you can display two time zones at the same time, keeping it perfectly synchronised with friends, family and colleagues.

You can maximise your daylight hours, including activities done in places in the sunshine like hiking, surfing and more. The LunaR has an integrated “sunrise and sunset” technology, providing accurate data on this in its current location thanks to the built-in LEDs on the watch, which you can see on the instrument page of the LunaR application.

LunaR’s integrated LED light and vibration technology integrates with all your applications, providing discreet, quick-view notifications, so you do not disturb the flow of your daily activities, keeping you connected and informed at all times. The LunaR accelerometer “feels” your movements, providing feedback and making it easy to achieve the goals you have. You can set a goal and check your daily progress through the application or the LED dial technology of the watch. This will give you a vibration and visual notification when you exceed the goal of the day.

The LunaR analyses your health while you sleep with a refined algorithm that tracks deep sleep, light sleep and awake time, evaluating the data so you can easily understand and optimise your sleep habits.

Also, it has waterproofing up to 50 meters deep, so you do not need to worry about the LunaR in this regard.

What is the price of the LunaR?

This Smartwatch will cost around $152 including shipping, and that’s depending on what part of the world you are in.


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