A few weeks ago, she was floating the next hardware issue in MacBook Pro. Apple may have repaired it quietly.

The issue of the popularly called “flexgate” began at the beginning of the year in a great way to appear on the MacBook Pro from 2016 and 2017. It is basically the out-of-the-way backlight display that has a worn cable on the laptop’s lap. 

It can not be replaced and affected machines have to go through the whole display. Apple did not even comment on the issue, nor did it resemble a post-wartime exchange program.

However, according to the latest findings of the iFixi website, he could quietly fix it or at least mitigate it. The latest generation of 2018 features up to 2 mm longer display cables, which could prevent unwanted wear. But until the company replies to the situation, we will not be wiser. The downside is that the problem arises only after a while, on older MacBooks, after a year or two.

New MacBook Cable For Left, Older Models on the Right. Source: iFixit

This is a very similar situation Apple made with the famous butterfly keyboards. Last year MacBooks have installed additional silicone protection to solve their jamming. Whether it really is, we will have to convince once again. 


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