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A Facebook user by name Adebayo Ayobami Yinka, took to Facebook today to voice out and share his real experience with Ponzi schemes. He reveals how he made $6086.85 in just a month (December) and to lost everything the following month (January) down to 0.89 cents. He also posted the screenshot of his current earning of 0.89 cents.

Kindly take your time to go through this long epistle to learn few things. ;)

Initially, I decided not to share this fate worse than death story with anybody, but then it dawned on me that if I don’t many of us who know zilch about living the laptop lifestyle will still belabour the point further that Ponzi scheme is the best bet for anyone who wants to be rich online.

If you believe that making money online is as easy as rolling off a log or that with Ponzi schemes, one can literally become a millionaire online, well this think piece is for you and hopefully, it’s going to change your orientation In toto on how anybody can literally make a pile on the internet. Obviously, the main reason I wrote this think piece is to alternate that article of faith. So, listen up!


The other day, while surfing the net, I came across a headline which I totally subscribe to and will like to paraphrase here: “Nigerians lose more on Ponzi websites while Indians earn more than us” why so?

You see, since the inception of MMM in Nigeria, many Ponzi scheme sites have also come up with their mouth-watering offers. Offers like, “Pay N1500 and get and get N40, 000 in 7 days”, “Pay N12,000 and get and get N18 000 in 3 days”, “Pay any amount and get and get 900 percent of your investment in 24 hours” and so much more.

I can assure you that, just seeing these mouth-watering offers, you will pull out your ATM card especially if you are a neophyte to making money online. But here’s the gospel truth: no real investment company pays a 100 or 900 percent return on investment in three, seven days or even in a month! I know some of us know this truth, but just like someone once said: “Nigerians are pig-headed.”

No matter the warning signs you may give to a Nigerian as regards any danger, as long as there is something to gain, he will certainly ignore your warnings. Little wonder why the Indians guys cart away with our money! They know we are not contented and that we never learn from our bad experiences.

Having said that let me quickly share with you what I called “my shit hits the fan experience”. Honest! I had a face like a wet weekend for like two weeks when this bad experience happened to me. I could barely talk, eat, sleep, etc. On top of that, I lost so many things. In fact, I was in debt! Please don’t get me wrong. I didn’t borrow money from anybody to do Ponzi. No, I used my personal money. All these happened to me because January was barely a happy month for me, so to speak.

Even though Ponzi scheme didn’t just come to Nigeria lately, I got know about it in the year 2015. During the time of WONDER BANK and perhaps some other schemes, I was still at my mother’s knees. So, until lately, I wouldn’t know what Ponzi scheme is all about. The very day I got about it that day I was surfing the net, and I clicked on an Advert (if my memory serves me well), and I landed on MMM website. First, I had a natter with a guider whose name was Azubuike Vivian. She told me all I needed to get up and running and the benefits I would get. But no, I wouldn’t join.

The year 2015 passed and I didn’t join any scheme. Now it was January 2016. It came, and it went, February also came and went. March, June, July and August all came and went, and I hadn’t joined any scheme yet. Now it was September, the very last week of September to be precise, and I finally decided to join MMM with my spare money which was N10, 000. After waiting to be matched to pay someone and for my money to grow, my payday finally came in November. To my surprise, I received an alert from GTBank that xx xx xx amount had been paid into my account by Esther who was matched to pay me on MMM. Guess what? That day I was on top of the world!

Without wasting any time, I went on a research for better schemes that pay more than MMM, and I literally jumped out of my skin when I saw some schemes paying 50, 100, 200 and even 900 percent return on investment. But most of these schemes pay in BTC. Immediately, I opened a BTC wallet and funded it with the money I made on MMM and waved MMM farewell.

Now guess what? I was high in spirits when I made 900 percent of my investment in just 3 days! So before November finally went out of the window, I already had $3,000 worth of BTC in my wallet and in the very first week of December I had approximately 6000 dollars worth of BTC in my wallet. This time, I decided not to sell my BTC out. I wanted to have at least $10,000 of BTC before I start selling out.


There is an old adage that says “Everyday is for the thief and one day is for the owner” Trust me, if only I knew the day for me to lose all I had gathered on a silver platter was near, I would have stopped at what I had got and sold out my BTC funds and reaped the benefit of being a smart investor. But no, I wouldn’t stop. I went on to invest more instead.

Unfortunately for me, I first lost my fund on Helping Revolution, then MMM United and GMAfunds. But no, I wouldn’t stop; I went on investing in other schemes instead until I went back to nada. As I speak, all I have in BTC is just. 0.89cent. What?! From $6086.85 to 0.89 cent? YES


Why are you telling us this?” Perhaps this is the question that just popped into your head? But please don’t blame me yet. The truth is, I didn’t want trouble for myself because I had heard through the grapevine that Ponzi scheme is not a real business. That’s why it doesn’t last for a month of Sundays.

While I know of people who have built their very first houses, bought their very first cars with the money they realised from Ponzi schemes, the number of individuals who lost their hard earned money is just on the high side. I know of 21 years old guy who made 5 million Naira in January from Ponzi scheme. And also know of someone who killed himself when he realised that he had lost 300 thousand Naira on a Ponzi scheme site.

So guys let’s wave Ponzi scheme farewell and let’s do real business on the internet instead.

If you want to make money that won’t give you heart attack online then you have got to do either of these two: offer a service or sell a product or do both!

phew!… welcome from that :) I know by now for sure that you have learnt something and try to be careful or avoid any Ponzi schemes online as there are no Ponzi that can last forever.

Thanks for reading! Have you also lost money ponzi schemes online  too? please share your experience with us using the comment box at the bottom.


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