root with Magisk
root with Magisk

The popular Android system without a system, ie without touching the system partition, is now compatible with the latest official version of Android, Android 10. If you were waiting for full compatibility before updating Android, you don’t have to wait any longer.

Magisk’s adaptation to the latest Android version was more difficult than expected, so the previous version of Magisk could only be installed on mobile phones with support for system updates on A / B partitions. The Magisk 20.0 version is now also compatible with mobile phones with an A. partition

The stable version of Magisk v20 now fully supports Android 10

While many of us can still only dream of upgrading to Android 10 that appears on our phones, Magisk is now ready to go. Support was added in the stable version 20 of Magisk, whose list of changes has expanded, although it does not involve many changes compared to the previous version 19.4.

Magisk has become so popular in recent years that it needs no introduction. But if you need it, it is a systemless interface that was released as a simple root system without a system and as an alternative to SuperSU, the main root method of that time, and has since evolved into an extremely useful tool that will let you make all kinds of changes without a system.

It allows you to root devices in all forms ranging from Android Pie to Android KitKat. Now, Android 10 is fully supported also permanently. The latest major version of Magisk, which corresponds to the twentieth version (v20), has now arrived, officially bringing full support for all Android 10 devices far and wide.

The port of Magisk for the new version of Android turned out to be more complicated than the previous versions, with the latest version, public beta v19.4, bringing with it only partial support for Android 10: and it was possible to install it correctly only on A / B devices

Magisk v20

now also offers support for A devices only, bringing things to the starting point and making Magisk fully compatible with the latest version of Android. Of course, there are a number of changes that the update includes to make it compatible with Android 10, including some bug fixes as seen above.

If you were interested in trying out Android 10 but didn’t want to go ahead without Magisk, you can now proceed safely with the upgrade to Android 10. You can view the complete changelog here.

Here you will find the download link. With this latest version, Magisk is now compatible from Android 4.2 to Android 10 (although previous versions have fewer features).

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