As we all know, the month of February is only about 10 days old today; and one of the most important event (if not the most important) in the month is 4 days away. The Valentine’s Day, often synonymized as “The Lover’s Day“, “The Couples Day“, “The Day of Love” etcetera is one of those special days that everyone looks up to. Lovers, Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Niece and don’t be surprised that even your 5 year old baby brother has scrawny little plans for this Valentine. LOL.

Segueing on, Facebook also recognises the importance of this day in the live of its users and have incorporated a simple, yet wonderful and lovely feature that will make the coming Valentine’s day an event that would bring about reminiscence on the lips of its users, their friends, their lovers, and their families. Even after the day is past.

Facebook is launching “Valentine’s Day Cards” in celebration of the day. The Valentine’s day cards can be shared to a user’s timeline or sent to a particular friend privately.

Come February 13, the social media giant will display a pop up a message on your News Feed wishing you a Happy Valentine’s, and in turn prompting you to share a virtual card with your friends, family and loved ones as a gesture of the day’s celebration and love.

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To share these cards with your timeline or friends, you can click the “Browse” button to have a sight of the available series of custom-designed cards. After selecting a card of choice, you can then proceed to tap on the “Share” button to post the Valentine’s Day card to your timeline or your friend.

The Valentine’s Day cards, according to Facebook were designed by artists and illustrators from New York and London and they include images and illustrations of objects like two ice creams hugging, a heart in an envelope and much more.

The eye-catching cards are in the form of a picture. So you can post your cards and proceed to tag your lover (winks) or that particular class make you’ve always wanted to tell how his/her smile makes you melt and lighten up your life.

P.S – I didn’t just give you a line to write to her. Hehehe.

With this creative initiative from the stables of Facebook, users can now make use of Valentine’s Day Cards to announce to their lovers, spouses, husbands, best friends and family not just how much love they have towards them, but also how largely relevant they are in their lives.


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