A new report has been published, this time signed by G Data, which once again underlines the number of apps on Android that hide immense dangers for the security of your device. These are applications that contain malware, viruses, etc. that also jeopardize the sensitive data that we own on our smartphones.

More specifically, it has been calculated that 3.2 million malicious apps were launched on Android in Q3 2018 (July-September)A frightening number made even more incredible if you think that the increase year on year (that is, in the same quarter of 2017) is even 40%.

In short, 2018 will undoubtedly be the worst year ever on this front for Android: just think that the total reached in September was already higher than that recorded in 2016.

Although both Google and the various smartphone manufacturers are struggling to release security patches and systems that aim to prevent these apps from operating undisturbed, it is users who have to take responsibility. Our advice from this point of view is always the same: do not install apps outside the Google Play Store, avoid choosing applications with feedback and scores low or blatantly fake and, above all, always limit the permissions you give during the installation phase.


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