Australian federal police arrested yesterday a 21-year-old man who allegedly sold more than 1 million stolen accounts of Netflix, Spotify, and Hulu. It seems that he was responsible for the site WickedGen.com that had recently advertised having more than 120 thousand login data from the streaming platforms.

According to the Australian authorities, the man will have obtained revenues in the order of 187 thousand euros with this scheme. The accounts that were sold encompassed users from all over the world.

Not long ago, Netflix warned its users that it would implement tight control measures to avoid sharing data between users. Although many have been dissatisfied with these measures, one reason is to avoid such illegal schemes.

Thousands of Netflix access data has been sold out on the internet

In case the published figures are correct, this login data has been sold at derisory prices of less than € 1 per account. Most likely due to the high probability of being detected quickly, and access to these accounts will eventually be blocked.

However, the fact that these services allow (albeit against the terms and conditions) the sharing of login data makes these schemes possible. And because many users end up sharing their data with friends and family, they do not realize that their data has been compromised.

Once again, this event reinforces the idea that you should not make it easier on the security of your data online. Despite the many warnings over the past few months, millions of users continue to use the same password for multiple services. In this way, hackers can access multiple accounts with just one password.

Finally, I leave a simple and easy to follow advice, if you have difficulty entering your Netflix or Spotify account, change your password. It does not mean that your data has been stolen, but prevention is better than cure. Most importantly, do not use the same password in several of these services, you only make life easier for those who want to do you wrong.

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