Google Play Services APK
Google Play Services APK

Today we will see how to manually update Google Play Services on Android devices. If you have recently noticed that your smartphone’s applications have stopped working and that the error appears indicating that “ This application will not run until you update Google Play services“And you do not know how to do it, do not despair, as Google does not allow the manual update of the Google Play Services in such an intuitive way, it is possible however to update it when this does not happen automatically. Google Play Services is not found with a simple search among the applications present in the Play Store like so many other apps that are installed on the device, so in this case, how should you proceed to the update? In this guide, you will find four methods that will help you manually update Google Play Services. Let’s see what they are and how to proceed.

Google Play Services, includes system services integrated into a single application that allows guaranteeing the correct functioning of the device. These services are responsible for managing the Google Play Store and other applications that you have installed on an Android phone. If, however, the Google Play Services stops working properly, the other applications will also begin to suffer, starting to malfunction too, generating blocks, error messages and in some cases missed app launches.

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Google Play Services is a system app that works silently in the background and most users will never notice its existence, however, in case of malfunctions things change and some error may appear that refers to Google Play Services. You could try to uninstall and reinstall, to get everything back to normal, just like you normally would for any other application, but unfortunately, this is not possible with Google Play Services, you can only proceed with its update. Let’s see how to manually update Google Play Services:

How to manually update Google Play Services directly from the Google Play Store

Normally it is not possible to find the Google Play Services if you search it in the Play Store, but it is present the same, in fact just click on this link to reach the application page. If an update is available, you should see the button with the word “Update“, click on it to proceed in this way with the update of Google Play Services. Concluded the update, make sure that the apps have started working properly again, without error messages with reference to the Play Services.

How to manually update Google Play Services by uninstalling its updates

It is not possible to uninstall the Google Play Services on an Android smartphone, but it is possible, however, to remove its latest updates by returning the Google Play Services to the first version that was installed on the phone. This operation will force the operating system to update the app, so if the Google Play services had any problems, with a new installation of the updates you should fix it all. Proceed in this way to cancel Google Play Services updates (the steps may vary slightly from one smartphone model to another):

    • Access your smartphone settings
    • Scroll through the various items to App/Application management/App installed
    • You will now see all the applications installed on the device. Press on the 3 points at the top right and then touch the item View all applications
  • All system applications will now be shown. Search for Google Play Services in the list and click on it to access it
  • Now press on the 3 points at the top right and then on Uninstall updates
  • Now, turn off your smartphone, make sure there is a connection to a Wi-Fi or data connection and wait a few minutes (at least 5). Then, open Google Play Store followed by other apps. During this time the Google Play Services should be automatically updated in the background (as long as the internet network is working properly)

How to manually update Google Play Services by deactivating it

Another way to force an Android smartphone to update Google Play Services is to proceed with its deactivation. The steps to follow are quite simple:

  • Access your smartphone settings
  • Scroll through the various items up to App/Application management/App installed
  • You can now view all the applications installed on your phone. Press on the 3 points at the top right and then tap on the item View all applications
  • All system applications will now be shown. Search Google Play Services in the list and with a touch of your finger press on it to access it
  • On the Google Play Services app screen, press Disable (if available)

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Most likely this feature will be disabled, but it will be possible to enable it by invoking device administrator permissions. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Phone Settings and go to Security. You’ll find it with different names on different devices like Security and Position or Lock Screen and Security. If you can’t find it, use the search bar in the Settings to find the Security option
  • Select  the Device Administrator or Device Administration App option based on the option available on the phone
  • Activate the switch next to Find my device
  • Try disabling Google Play Services now. Once disabled, you will need to wait about a minute and then re-enable it. After enabling Google Play Services again, restart your phone and make sure you are connected to a working Wi-Fi or data connection. Wait another 5 minutes to allow your phone to complete the Google Play Services background update and see if everything works properly now./

How to manually update Google Play Services by downloading and installing the APK file

If none of the methods described above helped you update your Google Play services on your phone, you can then try to update it manually. To do this, you will need to download its APK file. Here are all the steps necessary to manually update Google Play Services with your APK file:

  • Connect to the APK mirror site and download the Google Play Services APK file on your Android smartphone. From the download page, scroll down and under All versions, select the latest version suitable for your device. Be careful to avoid APK downloads in beta, but only download stable versions
  • If you have difficulty finding the right version of Google Play Services for your Android smartphone, download the Droid Hardware Info application , then once installed go to the System tab and from Instruction Sets you will find the architecture, so refer to the version of the operating system you are using and then proceed with the download of the Google Play Services file
  • Alternatively, you can try to download the various versions of Google Play Services and try to install them. If the file is not compatible you will see a message on the screen of non-compatibility, in that case, try another and see if you can install it
  • Once you have installed the APK file on your phone, proceed with rebooting the device and see if it now works correctly without the appearance of error messages.

That’s all for this guide to manually update Google Play Services. With the solutions seen above, you should be able to solve every problem, but if not, if you still receive error messages, the only solution could be just to reset the operating system to the factory state. In this case, before proceeding with the recovery, I suggest you make a complete backup of all your most important data.

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