Google Pixel 2 blue angle
Google Pixel 2 blue angle

Recently, many users of Pixel 2 devices have reported that their smartphone has a serious problem causing the camera not to be used.

Pixel 2 has received a lot of complaints from hardware to software since it was officially launched in October last year. And recently, this device continues to encounter a new error related to the camera cannot take pictures, cannot even launch in some cases. This appears to be a very serious error when only a small number of Pixel 2 devices are affected.

Pixel 2 continues to experience serious errors, this time about the camera of the device

Specifically, with the affected Pixel 2 device, when the user starts up the camera application, a black screen with the message appears with the message “Camera error: Camera error encountered a fatal error”. : Camera of the device has encountered a serious error). This message will be displayed every time the user opens the Camera app, even if the device is restarted, it cannot be fixed.

Users will be notified that the camera has encountered a serious error and can not be used at startup

Google in a post on Twitter answered on this issue. Google said it was aware of the problem and is currently working to fix it as soon as possible. The temporary solution provided by Google with affected devices is to try to turn on airplane mode and restart the camera application, or clear the camera application cache by accessing the Settings> Apps & notifications> Show all apps> Camera> Memory> Clear the cache and restart the device. However, some users report that the camera’s camera is still faulty even when the aircraft mode or try to clear the cache of the application.

Google offers two temporary solutions for affected users

If you own a Pixel 2 device and have the problem, try your luck with the two temporary solutions Google has on offer. In markets supported by Google, it will innovate a Pixel 2 free of charge in some cases. However, for the Vietnamese market, perhaps we will have to wait for a solution from Google, which may be an update to fix the problem.

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