Black Panther
Black Panther

A series of petitions has run through social media for Chadwick Boseman not to be replaced in his legacy of Black Panther by Marvel. After all, after the tragic and even unexpected death of the actor. Fans want their character to immortalize and die with the actor.

That said, it goes without saying that Marvel had other plans, but that it will still make fans want. However, it is still necessary to find a new successor to protect Wakanda from all evils from outside. And it seems that the replacement has already been found!

Marvel has already chosen the next Black panther! Curious?

Black 1
Black 1

Therefore, this decision is at least surprising and has in fact divided the opinion of the majority of fans of this series of films. This is because, many claim that even though they really like Shuri (character chosen to be the new protector), choosing a woman for the role of a man is not going to work. And it will lead to an incredible drop in profit at the box office.

Thus, it is also true that there is still no certainty as to whether it is Shuri who will take control of Wakanda, and whether she will be the new protector. Since Marvel has yet to officially reveal anything on this subject. However, it seems to us that this is the most indicated and obvious character. Even though she is a woman.

In addition, this may also be the “quickest” option for not delaying the recording of the next film. After all, Marvel doesn’t want to waste any time on these kinds of things. Because time is money and COVID-19 has already taken a lot.

Marvel Black Panther

In short, we will even have to wait for official information from Marvel to find out if in fact Shuri is the final choice. However, until then, make your assumptions and comment below who you think the game “Black Panther” will be.

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