Meizu 16s passes for Geekbench and a new image also appears

Often the promotional images of smartphone covers not yet released are the best way to examine their design, as in the case of Meizu 16s.

A new image of the top of the Meizu 16s range wearing a black cover has in fact been leaked. We are shown both the front and the back of the smartphone, with the confirmation of the front camera inserted in the upper edge.

Meizu 16s has also passed for Geekbench in these hours, making excellent scores to show the probable presence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 on board the device.

The feeling is that after Meizu 16, a very good smartphone in every sector, the brand is focusing on this Meizu 16s to confirm itself with pride in a market that in recent years had somewhat forgotten it.

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