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Today, Meizu has confirmed that it will officially launch its next flagship devices, Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus, on August 8. Meizu has continued to bring a lot of surprises when it comes to unboxing the invitation for the launch of Meizu 16 with beef on the inside.

Of course, you will see the meat that comes with the Meizu 16 invitation is just plain beef and nothing is special. But in fact, the Chinese manufacturer wants to send a hidden message inside, similar to the way they donated shampoos a few days ago.

In the invitation, the company said Meizu 16 will be officially launched at the Beijing Performing Arts Center on August 8, at 2:30 pm. Inside the box, we will see a piece of “beef”, a beef cutlet, a versatile knife and a utility knife.

Meizu has been involved in the smartphone manufacturing market for 16 years. In those years, the company has brought many innovations to the smartphone market and at least to the Chinese market. It can be said that Meizu is the first manufacturer to bring capacitive touchscreen to smartphone in China, the mBack unique home button makes it easier to use the phone, its antenna design. Back to a more aesthetic, the world’s thinnest frame and much more.

If you are wondering why Meizu offers a piece of beef and knife in the invitation of Meizu 16, you can understand simply this way. In the ever-changing tech world, every smartphone brand will pick its own knife when faced with “beef” (a problem that needs to be addressed).

The top brands will use the dedicated beef cutlery. Although using this knife is definitely safer, however, in such action, you will never have your sharpest knife to “solve the problem.” Some manufacturers do not create their own knives, they use a multi-purpose knife that has been polished and can solve many problems. Unfortunately, after a long period of use, it will lose its original charm and become useless.

Of course, we still have to wait until Aug. 8 to see how sharp Meizu’s new blade (the duo Meizu 16) is, and whether it’s “beef” or not.

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