Mi Health 1
Mi Health 1

Xiaomi has a fairly large application ecosystem in Android. The Chinese company is good at publishing almost all the apps pre-installed on their phones on Google Play, so we can find applications like Mint Launcher, Mi Remote, Mi Drop or App Vault. The last one was Mi Health has not yet been released on Google Play, but on APKMirror in APK format.

It is a health application that we could consider an alternative to Google Fit, Huawei Health, Samsung Health, and other similar applications. As such, Mi Health is able to monitor our steps, offer advice on movements and analyze sleep.

It’s time to move

The APK is universal and can be installed on any device on paper. The first thing he does when we install and open it is to ask for some information, in particular sex, height, weight, and date of birth. In this way, it offers us an objective of the steps we need to take every day. In my case, 10,000 steps.

Everything is said, at the moment the application is quite simple. You have only two functions, which are step counting and sleep monitoring. The first is done in the background, that is, simply leave the phone in your pocket and walk to see how many steps you take every day.

If you click on one of the two displayed modules (steps and suspension) you can access a daily, weekly or monthly summary. In the case of steps you will see the steps you have taken every day, those you need to do to reach the goal, how long you have been walking, the distance traveled and the kilocalories you burned. Mi Health shows the average duration and the hours you usually fall asleep and wake up.

All this is used to offer you a “health score”. This, explains the application, “is calculated based on the BMI (body mass index), as well as on sleep and gait activity”. The closer you get to the goal, the higher the score. They don’t specify it in the app, but you need to reach 100.

Mi Health is, in a sense, a decaffeinated version of Mi Fit. As we said before, it can be installed on any mobile device via the AP. You don’t need to be a root user or something, for now, you can download Mi Health from APKMirror waiting for it to reach Google Play.

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