Microsoft is preparing a line of smartphones with Android OS

This is hard to believe, but it makes sense!

It seems that Microsoft has something more interesting in its sleeve than the expected Surface Phone. If you believe the statement of a Microsoft Store employee, the company is preparing to release a smartphone with Android OS!

A company employee claims that Microsoft is actively working on a new line of smartphones that will use the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

The news is quite unexpected, so the chances are that this is either a mistake, or a fake, or something else. However, in the appearance of Microsoft smartphones with Android OS there is a smear.

First, you can not exactly worry about the popularity of the OS. Secondly, the OS itself is unnecessary to develop, investing in it a huge amount of money and time. Thirdly, Microsoft already has a lot of products for Android, and after releasing branded smartphones, the company will be able to further promote its software.

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