Microsoft Launches Windows 1.1 Stranger Things Edition
Microsoft Launches Windows 1.1 Stranger Things Edition

Last week, It was seen that Microsoft was sharing cryptic posts on its official Twitter account. And the content of those posts was related to it’s older Windows software starting from Windows 1.0 to 1985.

In the beginning, It caused confusion in the minds of people that why Microsoft has suddenly started taking interest in uploading and sharing the images and videos of it’s older software. But there were also many people who were able to find out quickly that those posts were something related to the Netflix show “Stranger Things“.

The people were also not sure about the intention of Microsoft behind doing this, It is suggested that it can either be a promotion or there was something more to it. Microsoft’s Twitter account moderators were replying to the user’s comments saying that “something new was coming”.

Microsoft continued uploading videos on its official social media accounts. These videos were just hints regarding their upcoming plans. Over the weekend, Microsoft finally launched the Windows 1.11 as an app version for Windows 10.

This Windows 1.11 app is based on the Netflix show “Stranger Things”. You will be able to find this app on the Microsoft Windows store. The size of this app is pretty big, it is about 775 MB in size. It is to be noted that Windows 1.11 Stranger Things edition is currently available for US users only.


Coming to the look and feel of this app, you will find a custom boot screen. You can also play special games. The most amazing thing is that this app will provide you with the feeling that you are using the old Windows operating system on a CRT monitor.

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