It is not just about Samsung, Apple, or Huawei. Now Microsoft has jumped on board creating its own foldable smartphones, starting in 2019. So many stories are out there and people believe that these type of smartphones are going to revive the smartphone market. Probably, Microsoft also feels the same way, or it is just about jumping o a trend early enough so that if it gels, the company can reap.

Andromeda. That is name of a galaxy about 2.5 million light years from the earth. But Microsoft has chosen that name to tell us just how far they had gone in getting the tech up about the foldable smartphone.

Experts are now adding the Andromeda to their list of rumored upcoming foldable devices coming next year.  A source close to the company said that Andromeda could just be one of the new cool surface devices that will thrill fans in 2019. They want to the world to see Andromeda as something more than just a smartphone.

If the phone is coming from Surface, that will leave the world with little surprise for Microsoft has achieved a lot from that company. Since it put together the Surface hardware, it became the fifth largest PC maker, creating a $1 billion a year business which keeps increasing every year thanks to the first class hardware designs that rival or sometimes surpass Apple tech.

BGR has also reported that incoming Andromeda “an extremely compact Surface-class device that will turn from phone phone-size to tablet size.” It is not going to be a phone like the Windows that came with a dedicated operating system that no longer serve the real needs of fans. Andromeda is promised as a device that will not fail like the Windows phones.

There is also talks of a new tablet which when folded acts as a smartphone. However, Microsoft will not use the old Windows OS for that too because it has even been dead for some time now but it will offer a full-fledged Windows experience with some minor makeshift here and there.

All these new efforts will continue to reinforce Microsoft’s resolve to topple Apple as the number one worldwide.


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