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Business Insider reported, Thomsom Reuters has announced the list of 100 leading technology companies. Accordingly, Microsoft excelled in the No. 1 position, followed by the chip maker Intel and networking equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems.

This list is designed to identify the most successful organizations in the industry financially and administratively, including major technology companies such as Apple, Alphabet (parent company of Google), International Business Machines and Texas Instruments.

Taiwan Semiconductors Manufacturing, SAP, a large German software company, and Accenture Consultants in Dublin are among the top 10.

The remaining 90 companies are not ranked, including the largest online retailer Amazon and the largest social networking site Facebook. Note, the list points to the names of businesses that reach annual revenue of at least $ 1 billion.

Some companies are in the top 100 (in alphabetical order)

The results are based on the calculation of 28 factors that measure performance by eight criteria such as: Finance, management and investor confidence, risk and resilience, compliance law, innovation, human and social responsibility, environmental impact and finally reputation.

The creation of innovations in technology as well as the influence on the media, social media are the criteria reflect the company’s reputation.

The list shows that by country, 45% of the 100 applicants are based in the United States. Japan and Taiwan ranked second with 13 companies, followed by India (5 companies). On a continental scale, North America leads with 47 companies, followed by Asia (38), Europe (14) and Australia (1).

Growth in Asia highlighted growth in businesses such as Tencent Holdings Ltd., the first Asian company to reach a market value of more than $ 500 billion, surpassing Facebook’s value in November.

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