Xbox One
Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One will, as you all know, be a very special accessory from Razer. The peripheral company was the one who was fortunate to join the giant Redmond to create a keyboard and mouse dedicated to Xbox gamers.

Designed for Xbox, the Razer Turret will have a unique color pattern that is allusive to one of the most famous consoles in the world. In fact, the most powerful console in the world, in the case of One X.

Likewise, Razer accessories, namely the keyboard, will have a specific button labeled “Home Xbox”. Therefore, regardless of the price of the same, there will be public for these two devices. After all, they will be quite exclusive, pass the expression.

The big question is, therefore, the moment when the two terminals will hit the market. Now, according to what has been announced, it should happen until the end of March.

Razer and Microsoft will add value to Xbox One players!

That’s a fact. However, according to the source of the news, the same should happen sometime in the coming weeks, by, maybe, the same happens already at the end of January.

Its price, on the other hand, is already known. Together, mouse and keyboard, the associated cost will be $ 249. In the same way, let’s hope it reaches many countries so that all players of Xbox One can enjoy its features.


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