Microsoft launched the Surface Go device almost three months ago, specifically on August 2 of this year 2018. Since then, the device has only received two firmware updates, one in the launch and the other a couple of days. In addition, during this time, the company has not published any package of drivers and firmware.

Surface Go receives a package of firmware and drivers

That changes now, with the release of a package of drivers and firmware for the Surface Go, it is the SurfaceGo_Win10_17134_1802010_6.msi file, for the Windows update of April 10, 2018, or the 1803 version. The file size is 307.8MB, and the page shows the date of publication as of October 9, which is surely the date on which the package was created.

Interestingly, there are still no drivers and firmware packages available for Microsoft’s newest devices, the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Laptop 2, despite the fact that the devices receive firmware updates on a regular basis. Hopefully, Microsoft does not take long to release packages for these devices.

If you want to download the Surface Go firmware and driver package, you can do so from here. If you want to get the list of all Surface drivers and firmware packages, you can find them here. Surface Go is the most economical device of the Microsoft family, despite this, it offers many possibilities for users because it is capable of running the full version of Windows 10.

Do you have a Surface Go? What has been your experience with the most economical device in the Microsoft tablet line? We would like to know your opinion about the product.


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