Microsoft Edge Browser
Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft killed the Internet Explorer brand about five years ago due to Microsoft Edge, which was introduced as a modern browser for Windows 10 in 2015. However, as the user base of the new operating system grew and that of Windows 7 decreasing Edge was unable to keep up with this pace. Edge failed due to a set of strategic errors and Microsoft later decided to abandon the EdgeHTML engine for Google’s open-source Chromium platform.

Microsoft says goodbye to Internet Explorer and Edge

In January 2020, Microsoft officially announced the new Edge based on Chromium. In addition, it introduced new features. They are support for Chrome extensions, themes, and vertical tabs. Everything that was missing from the old version now known as “Legacy Edge”.

That said, Chromium Edge is no longer connected to biannual updates for Windows 10 and features arrive on the new browser in a six-week cycle.

Today, Microsoft has confirmed that it will no longer support Legacy Edge with security updates or bug fixes. This support will end more specifically on March 9, 2021.

In addition, Microsoft has also confirmed that it will put an end to Internet Explorer 11 on Microsoft 365 within a year. Thus, Microsoft will leave support for Teams in Internet Explorer on 30 November. This while the rest of the services will stop supporting the browser on August 17, 2021.


That is, if you continue to use it much longer, you will experience problems with various services. These include Microsoft Teams.

I remember that Chromium-based Edge has been gradually being rolled out by Windows Update. This on PCs running Windows 10 version 1709 and above.

However, Microsoft has revealed that Windows version 20H2, which is scheduled for the end of the year, will come pre-installed with the new browser for the first time.

In March 2021, when Microsoft discontinues support for the Classic Edge, it is likely that the entire user base that still insists on using this browser will switch to the new Chromium-based one.

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