Microsoft Surface Duo
Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft has plans to launch the Surface Duo in the near future and it hasn’t stopped teasing the device on Twitter. The device which features two screens and is powered by Android only recently appeared on the Federal Communication Commission and Bluetooth SIG certification listings. As we have seen with many other devices, we usually get to see a device get launched only a few weeks or days after they appear on these listings.

The Surface Duo was first made public by Microsoft at a press event in New York City last October. At the event, the company did not reveal the specs of the device but there were leaks that revealed that the device will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and will also pack 6 GB of RAM, up to 256 GB of internal storage, and two 5.6-inch displays. Although the company had planned to launch the device in holiday 2020, rumors that have surfaced lately hint that the phone will be launched in July. Perhaps the device getting listed indicate the company will indeed launch the device before the month runs out.

Panos Panay, the Surface chief shared a teaser of the Surface Duo on Twitter recently and Frank Shaw from Microsoft also shared a picture of the device earlier this month.

Note that the company has reportedly shifted the release of its Windows 10X OS and its dual-screen plans to 2021 and beyond. According to The Verge, however, the company has plans to place more focus on Surface Duo at Build 2020. Due to the pandemic, however, it wasn’t able to proceed with these plans, but now it hopes it will be able to “ship the device” in September.

According to leakster, Evans Blass, the Surface Duo will appear soon on AT&T’s network in the US.

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