Latest reports have it that Microsoft is in the works for new features that will be introduced to Windows 10 very soon. It is called 19H1 and it has kicked off as fans look forward to how that will affect them in the future.

At the present time, some interesting signs can be seen at the Insider builds. But what are the biggest expectations in the Windows 10 10H1 and 19H2 in 2019?

There will be a few things to notice. First and very foremost is the new and improved actions which will be quicker. This is one of the biggest things coming to the Action Center. There will be a new brightness slider when you expand the Action Center. It works just like the old ways. The Action Center will be able to manage many things that normally would have been done through Settings area. Now, you will be able to pin, unpin, add, and remove actions without leaving the Action Center.

Another impressive part will be the improved Windows Search, which Microsoft will expect to be a big deal come 2019. Probably, it will still never be as big as Google search but things will be different come 2019. Starting with the 19H1 we hope that a lot of improvement will come about.

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Another factor is the Light Theme which has been top priority for Microsoft for years. Windows has had a Light Theme since 2015 but now, Microsoft is looking for ways to bring out innovations from this theme. It is expected that user may be able to change Windows Shell from dark to light. This may affect the Start Menu, Action Center, and taskbar.

These are just a few of the changes coming to Microsoft Windows soon.


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