Microsoft has now found some ways to lure consoleros to subscriptions. Of course, there is Xbox Live Gold, which among other things is supposed to lure you with the monthly Games with Gold. Then there is also the Xbox Game Pass, a kind of flat rate game. Now Xbox All Access should go a step further – but apparently only in the US for the time being. Because All Access is a Gesampaket that includes Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass and even a console for two years.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has already sent the official blog post about the topic back offline. However, the colleagues of Venture Beat were able to access all information beforehand. In the US, you can subscribe to Xbox All Access for 24 months and then pay either $ 22 or $ 35 each month. The first mentioned sum secures the respective subscriber an Xbox One S. For the higher amount of 35 US dollars is an Xbox One X in it. It remains the same in both cases in addition to the console also Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass as subscriptions for two years to come.

If you figure it out a bit, you’ll find that saving a little bit by adding up the cost of subscribing to Xbox All Access and the prices for the separate services or consoles. It is also not a leasing model. Because at the end of the 24-month period, the respective console is completely in the possession of the subscriber. Rather, the whole is therefore comparable with an installment – or with contracts in the field of mobile, where you also directly receive a smartphone and it almost monthly blunted with the contract.

The goal of Xbox All Access is clear: customer loyalty. In addition, Microsoft appears to believe subscriptions with ongoing costs in the console segment will become increasingly important over the next few years. Internally Microsoft should also have data available, according to which subscribers of Game Pass not only gamble more contained games but also spend more money on other games and content. This is probably because they are generally more in front of the console, online and so perceive deals.

Unfortunately, it is currently unclear whether Xbox All Access could also reach Germany. Let’s just wait.


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